Lakeview Glasswasher

Starting machine

• Ensure door is closed
• Check detergent and rinseaid bottles, and replace if empty
• Check corresponding tubes are in the detergent and rinseaid bottles
• Press ‘start’ button
• Change cycle to 'Intensive'

End of shift

• Remove glass tray from machine
• Close door
• Press and hold start button for 3 seconds
• Machine will drain, rinse and switch off
• Remove filters from machine, clean and rinse
• Clean filter area of washer
• Replace filters
• Remove the washer arms from machine, top and bottom
• Clean and rinse washer arms ensuring all holes are clear
• Replace washer arms
• Clean door seals
• Leave door open

Hygiene clean

Every 1500 cycles the machine will prompt for a hygiene clean
• Drain and clean machine as normal
• Place 1 hygiene tablet in filter area
• Select and run 'Hygiene Cycle'